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Linksys MR7350 Router Setup: Everything You Need to Know About

How to Perform Linksys Password Reset [Quick Guide]

Linksys WiFi range extenders boost the range and coverage of your existing wireless network. Thus, with the Linksys extender, you can enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection throughout your home. In order to secure the Linksys extender’s WiFi network, you need to change its default admin password. However, a majority of users forget the password after […]

Can't Log in to Linksys Router Using Default IP

Can’t Log in to Linksys Router Using Default IP?

Accessing the default IP address is essential to get success with Linksys router login. However, a lot of users face problems while logging into their Linksys router using the default IP address. If you are also having trouble while reaching out to the Linksys router login page, then we have got you covered. The problem […]

In-depth Guide to Perform Linksys AX4200 Setup

In-depth Guide to Perform Linksys AX4200 Setup

Linksys extenders have become the choicest option in the market among users who want to expand the WiFi range of their current devices. All the models of Linksys extenders are exceptionally great and come with various features to help users make the most of their internet experience. Apart from that, setting up Linksys extenders is […]


How To Setup Linksys RE1000 Wireless Range Extender?

Linksys RE1000 N300 WiFi range extender repeats the wireless signals of any router or access point, providing WiFi connectivity in hard-to-reach areas. The extender comes with an installation CD that makes the Linksys RE1000 setup process a bit easier. But what if you have lost or misplaced the installation CD? How do you setup Linksys […]


Are You Facing Dropping Linksys Connection?

Ranging right from signal congestion to extender location and firmware issues to installation issues, there are various potential reasons that can create WiFi performance issues on a Linksys extender. Whatever the problem is, there’s is nothing worst than experiencing dropping or slow Linksys connection, especially when you are into something important. Fortunately, there are various […]

Is Your Linksys Extender Not Broadcasting SSID

Is Your Linksys Extender Not Broadcasting SSID? Here’s the Fix!

Linksys extender not broadcasting SSID has become one of the biggest hurdles for many users around the world as they are unable to get connected to their extender network. There can be various reasons why your Linksys extender is not showing up the SSID, let’s make you familiar with all the reasons so that you […]

Linksys Velop Red Light

Why Am I Facing Linksys Velop Red Light Issue?

Have you tried everything to cover your home with lag-free WiFi signals? Have you installed Linksys Velop mesh WiFi extender because your current Linksys extender setup was not completely satisfying your internet needs? Oh! Even after lots of changes can’t you still make the most of your WiFi because your Velop is showing the red […]

Linksys RE6350 Firmware

Troubleshooting Guide: Linksys RE6350 Firmware Update Failure

Unable to update Linksys RE6350 AC1200 firmware? Continuously getting Linksys RE6350 firmware update failure message? Fret not! In this troubleshooting guide, you will learn how to resolve issues when trying to manually update your Linksys RE6350 extender firmware. Let’s get started. Failed to Update Linksys RE6350 Firmware? Linksys RE6350 extender offers two types of firmware […]

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