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Instructional Guide to Fix Linksys Extender Yellow Light Issue

Every LED light located on a Linksys wireless range extender has a meaning. The LED lights on your networking device are only supposed to blink green. Any other color is a sign of trouble. In case, the LED on your Linksys extender is blinking yellow, then it’s a good thing that you have landed on […]

Topmost Tips and Tricks to Boost Linksys Extender Weak Signal

Topmost Tips and Tricks to Boost Linksys Extender Weak Signal

Just like water and electricity, a blazing-fast internet connection has become essential for survival. Perhaps, that is why a number of users have performed Linksys extender setup in their homes. However, at times, WiFi network can get really unpredictable. By that, we mean that your Linksys extender’s network speed may vary dramatically from one day […]


The Best Linksys WiFi Extenders To Invest in 2022

Do you often face issues while connecting your smartphone with the home WiFi network? Has slow internet become a headache for you? It is time you search for a quality WiFi extender. This networking device expands the coverage of home WiFi network in areas that have poor or no WiFi signals. Given below are some […]

How to Change Network Name of Linksys Extender?

How to Change Network Name of Linksys Extender?

Linksys range extenders are one of the most trusted networking devices when it comes to accessing a flawless internet. Configuring a Linksys range extender in your home allows you to stream HD videos and play online games without any lag. But, have you wondered that how another extender with the same network name as yours […]

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