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Linksys Access Point Setup: Guide for Beginners
Linksys Access Point Setup: Guide for Beginners

Linksys Access Point Setup: Guide for Beginners

The new models of Linksys range extenders can be configured in Access Point mode. Access Point mode lets your WiFi range extender expand your existing network by connecting to your router, which enables it to have minimal loss of performance. If you want a better WiFi speed, perform Linksys access point setup. Don’t worry! Setting […]

Guide to Set Up Linksys Range Extender in Access Point Mode

Guide to Set Up Linksys Range Extender in Access Point Mode

Linksys smart WiFi extenders are working wonders in the realm of this digital era. They tend to amplify the WiFi signals emitted by your home routers to provide the whole-home coverage. Not only this, the MU-MIMO (multi-user, multi-input, multi-output) technology lets you kill the dead zones in your home. But, the feature that makes the […]

How to Change Network Name of Linksys Extender?

How to Change Network Name of Linksys Extender?

Linksys range extenders are one of the most trusted networking devices when it comes to accessing a flawless internet. Configuring a Linksys range extender in your home allows you to stream HD videos and play online games without any lag. But, have you wondered that how another extender with the same network name as yours […]

The Ultimate Guide to Perform Linksys Velop Setup

The Ultimate Guide to Perform Linksys Velop Setup

Are you fed up with the poor performance of your existing wireless router? If the answer to question is a big yes, then don’t even think about buying a new WiFi router. Instead, find a mesh solution that has more than one node. And that solution is performing Linksys Velop setup. The Linksys Velop mesh […]

Change WiFi Password of a Linksys Extender?

How to Change WiFi Password of a Linksys Extender?

Looking to change the WiFi password of your Linksys extender? Perhaps, you haven’t changed the default password of your device at the time of set up. But, recognizing the need of securing your WiFi device, now you want to set it to something that is hard-to-crack. Or, perhaps you found that someone is leeching your […]

Linksys Parental Control Not Working? Here's the Fix!

Linksys Parental Control Not Working? Here’s the Fix!

Linksys smart WiFi parental controls not working? Worry not! Walk through the guide and know how to fix the Linksys parental control not working issue in a jiffy. Setting up parental controls on your WiFi device helps you block unintended access to inappropriate websites and protect your loved ones from accidentally rambling into black-seeded corners […]

Fix: Linksys Extender Connected But No Internet

Linksys extender connected but no internet is the most common issue reported by users around the world these days. Well, the issue can easily be fixed by implementing a few simple-to-execute tips, thus there is no need to get worried. This write-up lists some of the tested fixes using which you can get rid of […]

How to Secure Your WiFi

5 Step Guide to Secure Your WiFi From Potential Threats

What if someone gains access to your home WiFi network? You, for sure, would not like to compromise the security of your WiFi. Well, the good news is that keeping your WiFi protected from potential threats is not that difficult. By implementing some of the hacks, you can easily secure your WiFi. Here is our […]

Want to make your internet faster

Want to Make Your Internet Faster? Try These Tips!

Are you facing slowdowns while using the internet? Is buffering icon troubling you while streaming your favorite videos? Try these easy fixes to make your internet faster. Continue reading! There are a few things that can impact the speed of your internet and make it sluggish. Thankfully, by trying a few simple hacks you can […]

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